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DUO Russo & Vilensky

Video trailer from our last concert during the tour in Latvia with string ensemble



Introducing a truly international collaboration between leading Latvian cellist Ruslan Vilensky and the Copenhagen-based Italian bandoneon player, Paolo Russo. The program includes mostly original compositions by Paolo Russo as well as a few Astor Piazzolla's tunes, especially arranged for this unique ensemble.  "Russo-Vilensky DUO" is now available for booking dates for venues and festivals for 2014 and 2015.                                                                                   

Contact our management: info@ruslanvilensky.com 

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Just as the title of Katya Sourikova’s Casa Mila Project is inspired by the works of Gaudi, audiences love the exuberance and dynamism that these two acclaimed performers bring to the 

chamber music stage. 

Sourikova has arranged some earlier works earlier and also written entirely new music for this 

remarkable duo, which while rooted firmly in the classical tradition, reflects her experiences of over 10 years in the world of jazz, delicately balanced with influences of european folk melodies and the open sonorities of early music. She and Vilensky provide a very fresh and engaging performance that will be a wonderful addition to any classical or chamber music program, and that will leave audiences asking for more.

The Casa Mila project is seeking performance venues and dates for 2014 and 2015.

Contact our management: info@katyasourikova.com 

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